By car across the south of Europe

As is the case each year, we have prepared ten cars, for yours trip around the south of Europe. You can set a many parameter of your way, choice of car, whether you want a personal driver, what destinations you want to visit and more. Prerequisite of which is the participation of two companions.


The monthly wage for each companion is 15000 Euro. Companions have to available a credit card agency to cover all costs associated with travel. Every meeting up to 24 hours of 4000 Euro, up to 48 hours 9000 Euro. The number of meetings depends on the length of stay, one or two months. On a trip lasting one month, five meetings, on a trip in the length of two months, eight meetings. In total, each companion earns at least 35000 Euro

Personal driver

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Fellow traveler

From the agency you can ask for a fellow traveler companion or you can specify a companion with whom you want to participate of the trip. If you are requesting fellow traveler, the agency will give you a companion that corresponds approximately to your age, appearance and interests. If you designate a fellow traveler yourself, it must be a registered companion or a companion who will register in the near future.

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How long do you want to travel?

Due to the international health situation, some terms may not be feasible. We keep track of developments and keep you updated.

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